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If you have a deal to sell already, it is a regular commercial deal.  If you are looking for a deal, there are business brokers that deal in medical practices.  You would agree to a lease as ...Read more

I know of no reason that you (whether "you" is the individual owners of the businesses or the businesses themselves) can't enter into a joint venture agreement which governs the way that you will inte ...Read more

Unless you have a contract which limits your employer's right to fire you, or you believe that you were fired for a reason whch is prohibited by statute (e.g race, gender, religion,etc.) you can be fi ...Read more

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The Basics of Securities Law for Startups

Is your startup planning to raise money from outside investors? Then you might want to have a basic understanding of securities law. Don’t worry. You don’t have to become an expert. But yo ... Read more

Why Do Small Businesses Need an Attorney?

Small business owners are usually conscientious about the cost – the cost of their necessary materials they need to manufacture their products or render their services, the cost of hiring and re ... Read more

Business Dispute That Require a Business Attorney

Even though Americans pride themselves on their rugged individualism and independence, there are some things that simply should not be attempted by amateurs or those without the proper knowledge and e ... Read more

Crowdfunding Models for Startups

4 Crowdfunding Models Your Startup Can Use to Raise Capital Have you been thinking about using a crowdfunding model to launch your startup? Then you may want to understand the 4 basic types of crowdfu ... Read more

What Constitutes Copyright Infringement?

Sometimes the most valuable assets a business owns are not the physical buildings which house the employees or the land upon which such building sits, but the ideas, creations, and inventions that the ... Read more

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