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Assuming that the lp is operating property as a separate legal entity, rather than as an alter ego of its individual partners, the individual's creditors would generally not have the right to satisfy ...Read more

No, but a sole proprietor cannot use words that infer a corporation, so maybe there is a problem with the rest.

It would depend on the terms of the actual contract.  However, if the contract provided for adequate leaching fields, and it clearly is not, then the guarantee is violated.

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Intellectual Property: How Ideas Are Protected

Small business owners have a difficult task in navigating the legal side of their business. After all, business owners are an expert in their fields, not the law — and that can make it hard for ... Read more

Summer 2016 Employment Newsletter

What rights do employees have to talk about politics at work?This year’s presidential election has produced one of the most colorful and contentious political seasons in recent memory. It’ ... Read more

Summer 2016 Business Newsletter

New threats to online retailers:As more and more companies sell things online, especially to far-flung customers, it can be difficult to keep track of the ever-changing legal rules that apply. Here&#8 ... Read more

Business restraint of trade: What does that mean and entail?

You manage a Southern California business and believe that your company’s profits and prospects have been undermined by actions taken by a business rival that have adversely affected you. Do you ... Read more

Philadelphia Business Lawyers: Third Circuit Revives Defamation Suit Involv

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit decided on July 26, 2016 to revive a firefighter’s defamation and false light claim against the New York Daily News after rehearing the claim on J ... Read more

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