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The hourly rates charge by lawyers range widely.  Factors will include location (rent and payroll costs can be major factors), subject area of practice  and  experience.  You can f ...Read more

File a complaint with the Consumer Affairs.

I'm not certain that I understand your question correctly, but if you're asking if your accounts receivable can be garnished to pay the judgment you owe, the answer is yes (although I do not practice ...Read more

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Does My Business Really Need An Attorney On Retainer?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? That is exactly why every business should have a law firm on retainer. Every day, while conducting af ... Read more

3 HR Areas An Attorney Strengthens In Business

There is no doubt that the current state of politics is affecting the mood of the entire country. Many social justice and human rights issues are front and center, on the minds of many. What this mean ... Read more

2017 Ushers Sweeping Changes for Illinois LLC’s

This article was originally posted in December, 2016. Since the Illinois Limited Liability Company Act takes effect July 1st, you may find this information just as fresh now as it was 6 months ago. Am ... Read more

The Importance of Reviewing Your Employee Handbook

There are many good reasons why you would want to ask a lawyer to review your company’s employee handbook before you hand it out to your employees. While you can find useful information bro ... Read more

Reasons For Outsourcing Legal Services

Today, many organizations are seeking ways to reduce their operating costs as they consider how effectively they can manage their core functions. Part of the major requirements for most corporations i ... Read more

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