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I know of no reason that you (whether "you" is the individual owners of the businesses or the businesses themselves) can't enter into a joint venture agreement which governs the way that you will inte ...Read more

Unless you have a contract which limits your employer's right to fire you, or you believe that you were fired for a reason whch is prohibited by statute (e.g race, gender, religion,etc.) you can be fi ...Read more

While you could sue in NYC, the value of any judgment is unclear.  Chinese law does not protect patents here.  You have no easy remedy, but you can call an international trade lawyer.

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What Constitutes Copyright Infringement?

Sometimes the most valuable assets a business owns are not the physical buildings which house the employees or the land upon which such building sits, but the ideas, creations, and inventions that the ... Read more

The JOBS Act

The JOBS Act and What it Means for Your Startup The Securities and Exchange Commission has been issuing new regulations to define the details of what the JOBS Act really means. Some new rules went int ... Read more

Equity Crowdfunding for Startups

How to use Equity Crowdfunding to Fund Your Startup Equity crowdfunding has only recently become available to startups in the United States. Not long ago, startups that sold stock to investors over th ... Read more

Nondisclosure Agreements for Technology Companies

Nondisclosure Agreements and Technology Companies While intellectual property laws present a significant amount of protection to individuals and companies, some “creations” are not capable ... Read more

Intellectual Property Attorney

The Role of an Intellectual Property Attorney In today’s business environment, it is more important than ever for businesses to consult with and retain the services of an intellectual property a ... Read more

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