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Could taking a job from a family friend be a bribe?

1 Answers. Asked on Dec 14th, 2014 on Business Law - Colorado
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My fiancée recently accepted a medical sales job that was offered to him by a friend of the family that is CEO of said medical company. My fiancées father is a medical administrator at a hospital that has equipment sold by this same medical company. Nothing has been asked for or given on either side but my fiancées father says he should turn down the job because he thinks it will look like a bribe. What should we do? Is this something to seriously worry about?
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Answered on Dec 15th, 2014 at 2:23 PM

Your future father-in-law is understandably concerned about maintaining his reputation, and avoiding any appearance of impropriety.  Although nobody has done anything wrong if no quid pro quo has been promised on either side, your father-in-law could look bad (to his employer, to other suppliers, to medical ethics authorities, etc.) if he buys equipment from the company which hired his son.  How bad he looks depends on circumstances - Does he buy more from this company than others?  Does the buying increase after his son is hired?  Does he pay a higher price than he might pay other suppliers?  Is your fiancee qualified for the position he was offered?  Does he have experience?  Is he being paid commensurate with his qualifications?  Etc.  All of these are questions I'm sure your father-in-law would rather not face.  Whether they are enough to sway your fiancee not to take the job probably depends on how badly he wants/needs the job.

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