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I had a product built in china thru the Co. in Bellevue, after the statue of Lim. they agreed to repair the product by sending them to china, but after storing them in Fed-Ex warehouse for 9 months and telling me that china worked 6 months fixing them I confronted them about the lie and now Fed-Ex legal dept. has all the paperwork about this FRAUD.
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Answered on Mar 06th, 2017 at 3:52 PM

I'm not sure why Federal Express is involved here, other than as the carrier of the product back to China. Your focus should be on the Bellevue company. It is possible that company is liable for breach of its agreement to repair the product. That company's defense is likely to be that it could not be repaired, which means that it may be liable for conversion (a lawyerly way of saying "taking of") your product -- but if the product is defective, it may not have much value. You should discuss this with a business lawyer in your area.

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