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HOA asking for fees [some from 2023] that I do not owe

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My HOA has changed hands multiple times-[I have owned the property since 2010] -EACH time they change hands they try to tell me I owe back fees--I have sent them statements from my bank showing the bank mailed them out the checks for the months they inquired and that I am up to date, and in the last year, I actually have started having the bank print on the check 'paid to date in full' due to their issues. First they said I owed about one months past --then they said over 700 each time I sent them back a notice informing them that I have ALREADY proved to them I do not owe any past amounts by taking the timeto research and send them copies of the bank info. They even state I am past due on amounts they have just cashed a check for in the last few months sometimes!!! NOW they are trying to say I owe money from 2013 on 'extra assigned fees' --theses have ALWAYS been part of the maintance fee payments whenever they have 'assessed' fees for repairs etc.Can they STOP harrassing me?!?
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Answered on Jan 30th, 2017 at 9:50 AM

Since this has been ongoing for as long as it has, it may be time for you to have an attorney send them a letter setting forth what has happened and insisting that it not happen again.  The difficulty here is that it sounds like more of a nuisance (taking your time responding, etc.) than a real financial hardship, so you have to decide whether it is worth spending a little bit of money (several hundred dollars likely) to try to stop the problem.  


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