How do I sue Google?

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I have an app that has been published first almost 2 years ago and is currently no.1 on the niche. Google has been constantly rejecting us on every submission for the past 4 months for petty reasons, interpret-able stretches of their policies and severely affecting our business. In this time they are ignoring repeated reports from us and our friends about our competitor app that is actually severely breaching policies and they allow it on the store. We have a lot of proof in emails, reports, screenshots, etc. Everything is accessible and can be traced and seen. The damages claim for the issues this caused us and our company can easily reach 6 figures. We need a bold lawyer to take on a law suit against Google, that is a definite win if the lawyer is good. How do we proceed to find such an ambitious and skilled lawyer? Any recommendations are welcome. Thank you in advance for your responses!
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Answered on Mar 06th, 2017 at 3:48 PM

At the risk of stating the obvious, use to find a lawyer in your area that has experience in this business/technology area. Find at least three, if you can, and contact them to find out if they are available, have the experience, and are willing to do it at a price that is acceptable to you. Most lawyers in private practice in California are listed on, and most of those have specialties that you can see. Good luck! 

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