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I have a unrecorded deed that was notarized and signed by a lawyer. The property was sold without my consent.

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The property was sold without my consent . The deed was notarized and signed by a lawyer. The deed was not ever recorded. What are my options as far as the property goes?
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Answered on Feb 10th, 2017 at 6:08 AM

Who is the listed grantor on the deed? What interest do you have in the property?  The lawyer notarized someone else's signature or his own?  In order for you to get some advice that is useful for you in this situation, I think you would be best served by having someone review the deed for you. 

I recommend that you seek out a local attorney for a more in depth discussion of the matter. I do not recommend that you take any action steps without such a consult. Act quickly because by waiting, you may lose certain rights and remedies available to you.

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