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Business Needs These three tables will help you select a lawyer, prepare to meet with a lawyer and know what to expect in your first meeting with the ... read more

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There is a six year statute of limitations on a loan case.  You can ask, but you really need to sue soon.

these questions are too broad for a Q and A forum like this.  You acquire a liquor license from an existing owner.  You do not apply for issueance of one from the state.  The state must ...Read more

I think you're referring to a non-disparagement agreement, which often includes a non-disclosure provision, and is usually included in a  longer contract (often an agreement settling a dispute) w ...Read more

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Offshore Web Hosting for an Online Business

Privacy, security, and freedom of speech and expression are reasons many businesses give for choosing offshore website hosting. The physical location of the actual servers that the web hosting company ... Read more

Weapons at Work: Texas Law and Business Policy

With both constitutional and statutory protections for citizens to carry arms, businesses are faced with walking a fine line between providing a safe work environment, reducing business liability, pro ... Read more


From professional franchises that are valued in the billions (the Dallas Cowboys are valued by Forbes at $4 billion) down to local youth sports, there is no arguing the major impact of sport on global ... Read more

Aggressive Corporate Structuring

The following story should serve as a word of warning to those who try to get too far ahead of the tax code. Corporate structuring, trusts and insurance products offer unparalleled benefits to those w ... Read more

The Employer Shared Responsibility Provision and Seasonal Workers

The reporting requirements for the Affordable Care Act will remain in effect for the 2017 reporting period, which covers 2016. Any legislative actions regarding repeal of the ACA will have a ... Read more

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