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Toyota Being Driven Straight to Court and the Bank
  Lawyers in class action lawsuits against Toyota are now claiming the auto maker violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) Toyota's shareholders are filing lawsuits over the dwindling value of their stock in the company There are reports Toyota knew about some gas pedal ... Read more

ToysRUs Price Fixing Class Action Lawsuit
If you recently bought baby products from Babies"R"Us and were dismayed by the high prices of such products, you are not alone. On July 15, 2009, a federal judge in Pennsylvania granted class action status to a lawsuit filed against a division of popular toy and baby goods store Toys"R"Us Inc. The lawsuit ... Read more

Apples Anti Trust Suit Over Adobe Flash
  Techno-giant Apple may face antitrust probes by federal agencies Federal antitrust laws protect consumers and businesses from unfair practices   Many of us have heard or read the term "antitrust laws" in the news but we don't understand what they are, why we have them, and how they work. Two possible ... Read more

Bad News for Borders
You may have recently shopped at Borders and had no idea that the company is doing badly. Borders is the second-largest bookstore chain the US after Barnes & Noble. Borders sells books, CDs, DVDs and various gifts and stationery. Its first store opened in 1971 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now there are more ... Read more

Getting Out of a Contract
Legally, you can't get out of a contract just because you've changed your mind. If you try, the other party will probably sue you for breach of contract. It's always possible that the contract includes a loophole or escape clause that allows you to get out, but you usually need a legally justifiable ... Read more

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In federal court, you need to answer 20 days from service of the summons and complaint, so assuming the service was valid (I would have to check the documents to be sure), your response is due Wednesd ...Read more

If you have the bracelet, Cartier will repair it.  If you do not, then there is no lawsuit.  How will you prove it fell off and that you did not just steal it.  Thus, there is no case. ...Read more

You can always switch lawyers.  Lawyers get hired and fired all the time.  If the new lawyer feels that he/she cannot pick up the case, they won't take the job.  If they take the job, y ...Read more

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Uber faces multiple litigations

It’s not all fun, games, and piles of cash being the world’s most valuable startup. Although Uber has had a few things to smile about in the last several months, including raising an astou ... Read more

Just Hire a Lawyer? Here Are 10 Helpful Client Tips

Just Hire a Lawyer? Here Are 10 Helpful Client Tips Know what your goals are. Surprisingly, often parties enter into litigation without having a clearly defined measure of success. By defining what yo ... Read more

Fraud-related conduct can harm both consumers, businesses

The reasons for rules are clear enough, right? In virtually any sphere, a playing field without some defined parameters and operating principles — especially in a universe marked by competition ... Read more

Steps to defend against the FTC, the SEC or another federal agency

Courts too often are not presented with a vigorous defense when the FTC, SEC or other regulatory agency swoops in with a request for a TRO, freeze of assets and a preliminary injunction. As a result, ... Read more

Attorney perseveres despite debilitating vision loss


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