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Working with Your Family FAQs
Do family and non-family workers need to be paid the same? How do I handle non-working family members? How much and how should family members be paid? How should private contracts and agreements between family members be handled? Should I set up a profit sharing plan? What about sibling rivalry? What ... Read more

Keeping Current on Business Licenses and Permits
Many professions need licenses - manicurists, limo drivers, masons and so on. If you're in a profession requiring a license it's important to keep your license current and in good standing. This includes promptly paying any fees, keeping up with any continuing education requirements and filing reports ... Read more

Take the Work of Out of Business Travel
Travel is part of the job descriptions for scores of employees. Billions of dollars are spent each year for sending employees to meetings, conventions, trade shows and training sessions. For businesses, it's almost always tied to increasing profits. As an employee, keeping your job may depend on how ... Read more

How Do I Patent My Product?
You’ve come up with a great idea for a new, original invention. How do you make sure someone else doesn’t steal your idea and capture the market? You get a patent. Know the Patent Process Inventors seek patents to protect original inventions, processes and designs. A patent is a grant made by the ... Read more

Succeed in International Business
The law of international business is an immense and complex subject, about which even an experienced and specialized lawyer cannot have a comprehensive understanding. International business transactions can be split into two categories: international trade - imports and exports - and foreign investment. ... Read more

Real Estate Development in the NFL 0

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has recently unleashed his latest project – The Ford Center at The Star. The complex is a combination training facility, hotel, corporate office complex, ret ... Read more

Business Owner Planning: Money Now or Business Later

Let’s be honest, not every child is looking to own or run the family business. Many children would be happier to receive a lump sum of money and be done with it. Not surprisingly, clients are of ... Read more

How Do I Avoid Probate?

How Do I Avoid Probate? With proper advance planning, probate can be readily and entirely avoided. Several methods of asset transfer and titling can remove an individual’s pro ... Read more

Philadelphia Litigation Lawyer: How To Help Your Lawyer Win Your Case

You know what happened. Judges and juries will transform the evidence they hear attrial into a story. Therefore, you can get a head start by putting the facts together in the same way a novelist would ... Read more


Trying to handle financial issues while in the midst of a divorce can seem overwhelming. With so much at stake, it is important to have an experienced and dedicated advocate on your side who can make ... Read more

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