The third Thursday of every March is Companies That Care Day. In 2010 it’s on March 18. Learn some more about this Day and how your company can be one that cares.

What Is It?

Basically, Companies That Care Day is when businesses try to do two very important things:

  • Showcase their employees' talents and make them feel good about their jobs and careers
  • Improve the relationships between the businesses and the communities in which they're located. In other words, "give something back" to the community

Valuing Your Employees

It doesn't matter if you have 100 employees or 10, without them the business wouldn't go far, right? So, how do you show them their work is appreciated and valued, so much so they're not tempted too look elsewhere for work or give you less than their best efforts? On Care Day, there are a number of things you can do, such as:

  • Gather your employees and tell them! If that's not practical, hold a teleconference or web-based meeting, or send an email. Thank them for their hard work, and explain a little bit about how the company's doing and what you think the future looks like
  • Buy your employees lunch for the day, and while they're enjoying it, make an effort to walk through the cafeteria and talk to a few of them
  • Hold a contest, like several questions about the business - when did it open, where, what was the first product or service sold, etc. The fist few employees with all the correct answers get a hat, shirt, or even a coffee mug with the company logo. It doesn't have to cost a lot to mean a lot
  • If you don't already have a suggestion box, start one on Care Day. If you have one already, remind your workers where it is and how to use it. On Care Day, select a good idea or two give a prize
  • Get your employees involved in Care Day at the ground level. Ask them to form a group or committee to help plan out the days events
  • Let the employees know what the company is doing to make sure the workplace is safe and the employees have the tools they need to do well and grow their careers
  • Let the employees know what the company is doing to strengthen its ties to the community

The possibilities are endless. Any one of these activities, or anything else you can think of, can go a long way to show you care about and value your employees.

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