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When and How to Use Short-Term Credit
Whether you&'re in the early stages of starting your own company or have been in business for years, at some point you&'ll probably need to borrow money. For small business owners, obtaining short-term credit lines and loans can provide the financial solution to keep the business going. However, there ... Read more

When to Sell Shares to Finance Your Business
One benefit of incorporating your business is the ease with which you can raise additional capital by selling stock. Public companies are subject to governmental regulations that govern initial public offerings (IPOs) on a stock exchange. Selling stock in a private company is less complicated.However, ... Read more

Billing Customers and Collecting Debts
Effective billing and collecting procedures are essential for any business. Getting your invoices paid on time starts with establishing your billing terms with your customers. Your invoices should be prepared and sent in a consistent manner. Invoices that are not paid in a timely manner should be tracked ... Read more

Small Business Administration and Other Business Loans
Equity and debt are the two ways to fund your business without taking money from your own pocket. Equity finance means raising money by offering investors part ownership in your business. Debt finance, by contrast, means borrowing money to operate or expand your business. Your company's individual circumstances ... Read more

Tax and Audit Issues and Your Small Business
One thing you can&'t avoid when operating a business is filing business tax returns and paying income tax on your profits. No matter how meticulous you are with your business taxes, there&'s always a possibility that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax agencies will choose your return for ... Read more

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Is it necessary?  No, but it may be advisable.  The main reason that people conduct business through entitles is to limit their liability, so that the obligations of the business don't impac ...Read more

A simple question but confusing. Yes, you both need a contract to protect your very different interests in this transaction.  How to write it? Business transaction attorneys do it regularly and ...Read more

Yes, there are various methods by which the house can be used to secure repayment of the loan.  However, if he already has a mortgage or other lien on the house, your interest would be subordinat ...Read more

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By Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC of Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC posted in Corporate & Business on Monday, March 21, 2016. In order to aid Federal law enforceme ... Read more

CSLB to Scrutinize Workers' Compensation Exemptions

There is a very strong public policy in favor of employers maintaining workers’ compensation insurance. This has become even more prominent in the construction industry, where construction b ... Read more

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