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Is Virtual Currency Worth It?
To many, the very idea is preposterous: Spend real money to buy things you can't use, eat, or even touch in the real world? The idea has some companies laughing all the way to the bank. Facebook Social networking mega-giant Facebook launched its version of virtual currency early in 2010. Since then, ... Read more

Claim Your Domain Name and Keep It
Your business's domain name leads clients and customers to you on the Internet. It links to your IP address, a series of numbers that takes searchers to your website. It may actually be your business' name, or it might be part of a slogan unique to your business. No two domain names can be the same, ... Read more

Customer Trust is the Key to Your Online Success
Billions of people use computers, smartphones and other digital devices to access the web every day all across the globe. That means a lot of new potential customers for your e-commerce or online business, and if you do things right, it also means a lot of repeat customers. Just as important as offering ... Read more

E-Commerce: Taking Your Small Business Online
The Internet, "net" or "Web," has changed, and continues to change, the way business gets done. Big and small businesses are on nearly a level playing field selling everything under the sun. Consumers use the net to research products and services, compare the best products and find the most reasonable ... Read more

Small Business: Secured Networks and Wireless Freedom
How to use computer technology is a question faced by just about every business at some point. Wireless or wi-fi (wireless fidelity networking) and secured networking, via VPN (virtual private network), probably has a place in your business plan. Learn the basics and options, and be informed as you choose ... Read more


Five Simple Steps For A More Creative Workplace Which one would you pick:A job that inspires you to dream up some new idea every single daythenwork and build on them? Or one that needs you to do the ... Read more

CHESTER pllc Declares Independence

In keeping with the spirit of July 4th, Dallas-based business & innovation law firm CHESTER pllc is “declaring independence ... from paper.”The Dallas-based global business & innov ... Read more


Last week, Colin Chase, a former employee of Brothers International Food Corporation, sued the company in federal court, alleging the company violated the Food Safety Modernization Act ... Read more

Sophilia Hsu Joins CHESTER pllc

The global business and technology law firm of CHESTER pllc is pleased to announce that Sophilia Hsu has joined the firm as an associate.Sophilia handles a range of commercial of intellectual property ... Read more

Chester Speaks to North Texas Technology Entrepreneurs

J. F. (Jim) Chester, founding partner in the Dallas-based global business & technology law firm of CHESTER pllc, recently presented a seminar on the legal implications of doing business internatio ... Read more

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