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Favoritism in Atlantas Airports
The bidding process for Atlanta's airport advertising contracts has been riddled with conflict and scandal. Since 2003 there's been a legal battle over billboard advertisements in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, accusing the bidding process of being a sham. The Lawsuit Atlanta businessman, ... READ MORE

Is Direct Selling Right for You
Direct selling has been around for years, and some of the products are still around today. Avon, Mary Kay, Amway and Fuller Brush are a few examples you've probably heard of. With the recent economic turmoil and millions of people out of work, more people are looking to direct sales and home-based businesses ... READ MORE

New Law Brings Big Changes for Small Businesses
Do you own a small business, or are you thinking about starting one? If so you need to know about a new federal law written just for you. SBJCA In late September 2010, after a summer full of debate and give-and-take, President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act (SBJCA) into law. Basically, ... READ MORE

Getting Your New Business Off the Ground
Starting your new business requires managing your time, finding contacts, avoiding legal problems with your former employer and much more. ... READ MORE

Withdrawal from a Partnership
If you are thinking about forming a partnership for your business, you should know that partners can withdraw from a partnership after it has begun operations. The effect of a partner's withdrawal on the partnership depends on the law of the state in which the partnership is formed and on the partnership ... READ MORE

Writing a Business Plan
One of the most important steps in starting a small business is the creation of a business plan. A business plan is a written outline that summarizes the goals, organization, products, services and financial planning of the business. This plan is a map that shows where the business is at and where it ... READ MORE

Wrongful Termination
Most employees, except those working under an employment contract or a collective bargaining agreement, are considered to be at-will employees. This means that the employee may be fired for almost any reason or for no reason. It also means that the employee is free to quit his job without legal consequences. ... READ MORE

Your Small Business and Finances-Bankruptcy
If your business is failing and you have decided it is time to close your doors, whether or not you choose to file for bankruptcy may depend on the value and nature of your business assets, the attitudes of your creditors and your availability or that of management to oversee the process. Companies can ... READ MORE

Your Small Business and Health Code Regulation
Small businesses that produce, process or distribute food or beverages for human consumption may be regulated by local governments. These regulations include such things as quality inspections and licensing requirements. Local governments are authorized to regulate these activities under their police ... READ MORE

Your Small Business and Immigration Issues
A small business employer, just like any other employer, must review documentation from each new hire to verify that he or she is eligible to work in the United States. This must be done even if the employer has just one employee. Immigration and Nationality Act The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) ... READ MORE


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What Constitutes Copyright Infringement?

Sometimes the most valuable assets a business owns are not the physical buildings which house the employees or the land upon which such building sits, but the ideas, creations, and inventions that the ... Read more

The JOBS Act

The JOBS Act and What it Means for Your Startup The Securities and Exchange Commission has been issuing new regulations to define the details of what the JOBS Act really means. Some new rules went int ... Read more

Equity Crowdfunding for Startups

How to use Equity Crowdfunding to Fund Your Startup Equity crowdfunding has only recently become available to startups in the United States. Not long ago, startups that sold stock to investors over th ... Read more

Intellectual Property Attorney

The Role of an Intellectual Property Attorney In today’s business environment, it is more important than ever for businesses to consult with and retain the services of an intellectual property a ... Read more

What to Do When Business Partners Do Not Agree

Partnerships are one type of business entity available to entrepreneurs. A partnership can be formed at any time when two or more individuals agree to pursue a business venture for the purposes of mak ... Read more

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