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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but it sounds as if it has nothing to do with the law, but depends on Dollar General's policies.

Anybody can be sued, but that doesn't mean that the claim has merit.  You should remember that  (a) individual boasrd members are generally not responsible for the corporation's obligations; ...Read more

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Guidelines for Protecting Proprietary Information

Proprietary information is business information that has independent economic value from not being disclosed to competitive businesses or the general public. Also called trade secrets, it can include ... Read more

Probate Litigation: What is it and how to avoid it.

Is someone you know involved in a family dispute after a parent has died? Over a Will? Family land? A family business? In legal terms, these are probate disputes. The usual trigger for a probate dispu ... Read more

Retirement Planning and Exit Strategies for the Sole Proprietor

Opportunities continue to grow for creative and hard working Americans to succeed with freelance and small business opportunities. As the structure of business continues to change with the advent of a ... Read more

Texas Legislative Issues/News: New credit card law pits Texas against merch

During the regular session, the Texas Legislature passed a law allowing merchants to ask to see a photo ID when processing a credit card or debit card transaction and to decline the transaction if the ... Read more

Know Important Specifics When Seeking General Legal Services

Typically, business growth means adding employees – and in addition to the tax ramifications, there are many risks and liabilities associated with human resources. As a business grows from ... Read more

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