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I bought a franchise took on a partner, we are 50% owners he wants the franchise, and me out can I shut it down then sue him for breach of contract?

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I bought and paid for a franchise in Tx., my partner has taken over everything, he wants me out, he has the work van, equipment, money, bank acct etc. he has hidden or sold just about everything I have not been able to work since Aug. 2016. I will not walk away and let him just have it. We can't agree on a buy out. Can I shut the franchise down and then sue him for what he has done, breach of contract, fraud etc.. The Franchisor has allowed him to do this, I am hardly acknowledged by my franchisor, only him, been treated extremely unfair by franchisor since day one. Been in business 1 yr 6 mo. the partner has contributed zero dollars.
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Answered on Dec 06th, 2016 at 6:55 AM

You probably have a number of claims, including breach of contract. Maybe you could get a mediator to help you work out a buy out agreement with your partner. Otherwise, you may have to file a lawsuit. Even if you file, the Court will likely order mediation so you may still end up resolving the case through mediation.

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