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I'm new to buying cars and on Tuesday I bought my first vehicle. The very next day it radiator crack. I know there isn't much I could do since it was used and I just found it it was "as is" even though it wasn't on the "as is" lot. But the dealership towed and fix the vehicle, but before they towed it away some of my mechanic friends looked at it and found stop leak in the radiator so they knew it was bad and didn't tell me about it. So I'm just wondering if there's anything I could do about it.
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Unfortunately, when vehicles are sold "as is" the buyer generally has a duty to inspect the vehicle so that they know what they are getting.  If the seller knew about a defect and actively concealed it (rather than just adding a temporary band-aid, such as stop leak), then you may have a case of fraud.  However, you would have to incur the expense of an attorney and a trial to make the argument, and in court you would have the burden of proving that the seller not only knew about the defect, but that the seller actively hid and concealed the defect so that it was not discoverable - for the purpose of committing fraud.  It's a hard argument to make.



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